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  • Remove your name from credit card mailing lists. By calling 888-5OPT OUT (888-567-8688), you can exclude your name from credit reporting agency lists for unsolicited credit and insurance offers.

  • You can also contact the companies that have sent you unwanted mail and tell them to remove your name from their mailing lists. Many of them have toll-free numbers.

  • Don’t sign up for information you do not really want.

  • Give preference to products packaged in containers that can be recycled. 

  • Use china or reusable plates, cutlery, glasses, and coffee mugs, even at work. 

  • Bring reusable bags whenever you shop. It takes months to hundreds of years for plastic bags to break down in a landfill. Many stores even offer a credit for each reusable bag you use. 

  • Only print what you really need to and double-side as much as possible. 

  • Start composting your food and yard waste. Organic waste recycling helps divert waste from landfill sites and incinerators and creates a nutrient-rich end product that replenishes tired soils.