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Dutchess County Single-Use Plastic Pollution Prevention (Dutchess SUPPP) Campaign

Dutchess Single-Use Plastic Pollution Prevention. Image by Carlos Patino, Dutchess Community College

Image Credit: Carlos Patino, Dutchess Community College

The Dutchess County Single-use Plastic Pollution Prevention Campaign (Dutchess S.U.P.P.P.) was launched in November 2019 and aims to educate and empower local residents, businesses and communities to take action on single-use plastics pollution issues.

Single-use plastics are disposable and intended to be used only once, before being thrown away or recycled. They include plastic straws, plastic wrap, plastic cups, Styrofoam®, plastic bags, plastic cutlery/utensils, and some plastic takeout containers.

The campaign is a partnership with the Dutchess County Division of Solid Waste Management (DCSWM), Dutchess County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce and the Dutchess County Environmental Management Council (EMC).


What are Single Use Plastics?

How to Reduce Single Use (.pdf)

Just because it's plastic or has the chasing arrows, does not mean it can always go in your recycling bin.