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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information  

Q.  Does the Commissioner of Finance accept credit card payments?

Yes. Credit card payments will be accepted in person in the Finance Office for delinquent real property taxes.

Q.  Does the Commissioner of Finance accept the US postmark as the payment date?

Yes, but not from a postage meter.


Q.  How do I obtain a Certificate of Residence for a NYS community college outside Dutchess County?

Certificates of Residence can be obtained from the Commissioner of Finance, 22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, NY.

  Tax Auctions  

Q.  When is the annual auction of county owned property conducted?

The annual auction on county owned properties is usually conducted in October. For more information contact the Dutchess County Finance Department at (845) 486-2025, Option 1.  For detailed information on tax foreclosed properties, including parcel photographs, visit

Q.  How do I contact the auctioneer of the county owned property auction?

The auctioneer at this time is They can be reached at 1-800-243-0061 -or via email at They provide a brochure and have informational meetings prior to the auction.

For more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  How can I get a list of property the County has acquired for back taxes?

Visit the Real Property Auction page.

For more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  What happens to property that does not close after the annual auction of county owned property?

When a property has been offered for auction once and does not close, it becomes surplus property. The Commissioner of Finance will consider written bids only, to purchase any of the properties on the Surplus List.

Q.  How do I make a bid on county owned property that is being auctioned?

Do research on properties on the surplus list. For example, consider whether the local municipality will allow you to use the property the way you want to use it.  If you have never bid before, it is a very good idea to consult with an attorney. Once you have completed your research and determined what you would like to pay for the property, make an offer using the Purchase Bid Form (.pdf) and the Private Bid Terms of Sale Form (.pdf).

Q.  Is there a minimum bid on county owned property that is being auctioned?

No, the Commissioner of Finance takes market value and the amount of tax arrears into consideration when making a decision on each bid.

Q.  What happens after I pay for property obtained through the county's property auction?

Upon written acceptance of your bid and receipt of payment in full, signed NY State Forms, and signed Purchase Bid Form and Private Bid Terms of Sale Form, Legislative approval must be obtained. This process can take 2 - 3 months. After the Legislature adopts the resolution and the County Executive signs the resolution, the County Attorney’s office will prepare a deed. The Commissioner of Finance will then file your deed along with the required NY State forms that you signed when you paid for the property. You do not have to be present. The County Clerk will record your deed and return the original document to you.


Q.  How and where do I pay property taxes?

Taxes are payable to Towns, School Districts & Villages.  Delinquent taxes are payable to the Dutchess County Commissioner of Finance. View Municipal or School property tax payment locations.

For more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  When are property taxes due?

County and town taxes can be paid without penalty by February 28th to the Town Tax Collector or Receiver.  Note: Some towns extend this deadline for seniors on Social Security.  Check with the individual town.  See the Tax Collection Calendar or for more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  How are penalties and interest calculated on property taxes?

Penalties are usually 5% and interest is calculated at 12% per annum.

For more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  Can I pay my property taxes in installments?

County and Town taxes can be paid in installments only in the Towns of Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie and Wappinger.  In all other towns, you must pay in full.

For more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  Does Dutchess County collect property taxes for the two cities in Dutchess County?

No, the City of Beacon and the City of Poughkeepsie collect and enforce their own taxes.

Q.  Does Dutchess County sell the tax liens filed in the Dutchess County Clerk's Office?

No, we hold the lien and collect 12% interest.

Q.  When is a tax lien considered a tax lien?

County and Town taxes (including special district taxes) are considered a lien on the property on January 1 of the year in which the tax bill was issued.

Q.  Where do I obtain a tax map certification?

Tax map certification may be obtained in the office of the Commissioner of Finance, 3rd Floor, 22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, New York.  Certification includes all tax currently collectible, without penalty, at the time of the request.  The fee for the certification is $15.00.

For more info contact: (845) 486-2025, Option 1.

Q.  Does Dutchess County collect Hotel Occupancy Taxes?

Hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts operating in Dutchess County must be registered with the Commissioner of Finance.  They are required to collect hotel occupancy taxes from their guests on the County’s behalf.  See Finance's webpage Hotel Occupancy Taxes  -or-  for more info contact: (845) 486-2033.

Q.  How can I obtain information on sales tax?

Specific sales tax questions can be directed to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance at 1-800-225-5829.   For more info contact: (845) 486-2033.

  Title Search  

Q.  Why does Dutchess County do a title search on my property?

If your property has unpaid taxes and is on the List of Delinquent Taxes, and remain unpaid for 4 months, we do a title search in preparation for the notification process that takes place during the final 90 days of foreclosure.

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