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Real Property Tax Service Agency

The Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency provides comprehensive real property tax information, including assessment data, exemption information, and mapping services, to local assessors as well as the general public. The goal of all services is to support the municipalities in achieving and maintaining equitable assessments.

Responsibilities and Services include:

  • Preparation and distribution of tax and assessment rolls
  • Production and maintenance of tax maps
  • Investigation and recommendations for administrative correction of tax rolls
  • Training programs for assessors and boards of assessment review
  • Escrow account management services to local municipalities
  • Liaison between state and local government on property tax administration


Tax Information

Tax Rolls

The tax rolls below are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf).

Tax Bill Information

All of the information you need regarding tax billing in one location!

Tax Rates

These rounded tax rates are provided for general information only

Assessment Information

Assessment Information

These rolls are updated on or around May 1st for Tentative Assessment Rolls, and on or around July 1st for Final Assessment Rolls.

Exemption Information

Local options for exemptions

Local Assessors

List of assessors for Dutchess County municipalities

Equalization Rate Information

Equalization rates are used to apportion taxes in taxing jurisdictions that cross municipal boundaries

Tax Maps

These tax maps represent the Tax Status Date of March 1, 2022 and are reflected in the 2022 assessment rolls.

Mapping Tools

Parcel Access

Address Info-Finder


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Mapping

Real Property Tax Services Information